Workshops & Events 


Please check back regularly, new courses, workshops and dates are being added all the time.  Different workshops, from grounding & protecting to Shamanic Drumming and Shamanic Coaching.

We will also let you know of any Reiki Attunements that are upcoming, including offers on parent & child Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements.

As we move forward I will also let you know about any fire ceremonies, Cacao Circles - where we connect to Divine love, Black & White Despacho Ceremonies & The Womb Rites.

Please make an enquiry if you are looking for information or more tailormade packages & discounts for multiple bookings. 

We are also available for Retreats in the UK and Abroad. 

Brightest Blessings 


Stepping Stones

Shamanic Workshop - 

2 day course

Reiki Level One - 

1 day course

Reiki Level Two - 

1 day course

A weekend of shamanic coaching/teaching.

Here you will learn the history of the Q'ero. Information on opening space, the four archetypes, chakras. I will introduce you to two different ceremonies. We will do a white despacho and fire ceremony at the end to burn the despacho. Plus lots more, taught over two days 

Exchange £175 per person

Reiki is a beautiful life enhancing gift! In taking the first steps on the Reiki Journey and receiving the Reiki first attunements you become directly connected to a powerful and divine healing energy source. 

Reiki is practiced all over the world and is completely safe, non-intrusive and a very powerful way of channelling healing energy.  

Exchange £150 per person

Continue your reiki journey by learning ancient symbols and protocols to strengthen your Reiki skills. Learn to send reiki over distance to people and situations. Heal emotions.

You will receive the reiki level two attunements, practice giving and receiving reiki and learn a special technique for manifesting intentions.

Exchange £175 per person