The secretion from one of the largest Hylid Frogs, known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog. It's scientific name is Phyllomedusa Bicolor. Kambo is a purging medicine, which helps mentally, physically and spiritually by removing toxins. It is a deep detox, also removing "Hucha" - dark energy. The medicine has many peptides that help with a vast array of ailments.
My first experience with Kambo

I discovered Kambo back in October 2016. My friend had spoken about it & I thought she was bonkers! Why would anyone want to be burned with a small stick, have this frog secretion put on the burns & then purge for half an hour, she must be mad i thought! My health still terrible with pain, fatigue & not able to sleep on my right side due to arthritis in my hip, my back was in constant pain due to the fibro! Then one day I decided to take a look on line & see what I could find? so i started researching Kambo & other shamanic medicine & shamanic healing! it scared me but excited me at the same time, could this Amazonian medicine really work? Finally I agreed & had my first Kambo ceremony, what could i lose from trying this medicine? I'll tell you what I lost... I lost a lot of my pain & inflammation, I lost my aggressiveness & short temper, what did I gain?.. A feeling of tranquillity, I was calm, happy I became very mindful of others.

Kambo ceremonies available
As I sat in the ceremony my heart racing feeling apprehensive, the practitioner put 6 burns on my back & 1 on my hip, ouch "yes it hurt a bit" What was I letting myself in for?, they started to put the medicine on to the burns, I sat for a few minutes feeling fine & then they decided to put another burn on me, seriously I thought? Then I felt the medicine rushing up the back of neck, the heat coming over me was so intense! Then the purging began, this was intense, but to be honest I had so many health issues I was expecting worse! 20 minutes had passed then suddenly tears rolled down my cheeks, why was I crying? Is this normal i wondered? They took the medicine off after about 30 minutes & I just sat sobbing for half an hour I had no idea why, I wasn't sad. Then they said id been not only healing physically but emotionally, It was my way of releasing the negative emotions that needed shifting from years of upset, hurt & anger! I knew at this moment i needed to learn how to become a Kambo practitioner!  I then went to lay down & i actually laid on my right side, I had hardly no pain, id gone from an 8/10 down to a 2/10.  I was totally blown away!

Less than a year on I trained with the IAKP to become a Kambo Practitioner & In 2018 I travelled to Iquitos in Peru to train further & to deepen my connection to the "Spirit of Kambo" I work with a mix of techniques from which I have learned from both IAKP & using the knowledge & guidance from the Matse Tribe & guidance from the "spirit of Kambo".


A beautiful life enhancing gift, used all over the world. It is completely non-invasive - a beautiful healing that can be hands on or hands off.
Reiki Treatment
A process of connecting to spirit and allowing spirit to use me as a vessel to provide healing. The can include and array of different tools and techniques from Shaccapa work, agua, rattles, reiki, crystals or even using breath.
Working from my sacred Mesa, you will be asked to chose a stone from the Mesa. Choose a stone that most appeals to you in look, touch, texture - this will aid identification of what healing you need. This could be an illumination, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, contract breaking of moving time line. 
A beautiful living prayer, used for thousands of years to pray for things to come into your life - health, wealth, a new home, a new partner - literally anything! They can be used for gratitude and manifesting or for removing negative energies from our lives.
Throughout your journey to freedom, I will provide emotional support and tips to help you cope (holistic, Shamanic and practical). The sessions aim to identify underlying issues that may be causing unhappiness and anxiety. 
Let me take you on a heart opening Cacao meditation with intuitive healing. Cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. A natural and ancient plant medicine with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, cacao is a powerful antioxidant. Connect with the spirit of cacao and experience it's healing powers.